Mapping Ireland’s Industrial Heritage

In the era of Googlemaps, there are various sites where others have drawn the former railway lines of Ireland as an overlay to Googlemaps, thereby creating a historic railway map of Ireland.

Such sites have their merit, however, as they use Google as their basemap and host for whatever mapping data they produce, this leaves such sites potentially exposed if Google withdraws the facility or introduces a charging regime if the advertising model that Google relies on fails.

As such, I decided to take a different route and acquire sufficient out of copyright OS maps and create my own base map. This has taken some time but I finally have a first draft of this.

Ireland Railway Map
Map of current and former railway lines in Ireland. Copyright Ewan Duffy 2017


In addition to the advantage of not relying on third parties for a base map, I can add additional features such as canals, mills, lighthouse etc. – in fact, any IH location can be added once a grid reference is determined.

It is my intention to make this the bedrock of this site going forward.

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