75 arches to the Royal Canal

Not that you would necessarily know that they are there.

I am doing the final research and tidying up/proof reading of what I hope will be a publication on the Archaeology of Ireland’s Railways. In doing so, I came across a reference to the railway between Amiens Street (Connolly) Station and the Royal Canal in Dublin being carried on 75 arches, which was due to the fact that the land which the line crossed had only been reclaimed relatively recently at the time the line was built in the 1840s.

The thought struck me, if that area of the city were to be redeveloped for high density residential accommodation, the bringing back into public view of many of those arches would be quite an impressive display. As an example, when the site of the Dublin Gas Company on Barrow Street was redeveloped, a walkway at ground level was provided, which has opened out the arches carrying the former Dublin & Kingstown Railway (now the DART) to public view (see below)

Image from GoogleMaps StreetView.

Update 31072017 – H/T to Brian Goggin of irishwaterwayshistory.com for letting me know about an image which can be viewed online at the National Library of Ireland website which purports to show Dublin as it was in 1853. The railway line from Amiens Street northwards is in the top right of the image. The number of arches shown would appear to be subject to artistic licence and the absence of the Royal Canal makes it difficult to fully compare to the present day situation (the bay crossed at the extreme right of the image is where Fairview Park is now).

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