Barcelona IH Trip Day 1

Another overseas trip sees me in Barcelona, just as the Catalan Government are starting a fight with Madrid 🙁 I started this trip in Madrid, but saw little of interest there and certainly nothing of IH interest. Barcelona, on the other hand, comes complete with cable cars, funicular and rack railways and is therefore right up my street.

My first trip was on the funicular railway from Paral-lel (sic) station to Parc de Montjuïc. The funicular is integrated with the metro and is accessed from Paral-lel station with the fare being a standard metro journey. As the Barcelona system has a 10 journey card for €9.95 which covers journeys in the central zone, using this, my trip on the funicular railway cost less than €1.

The initial section of the funicular is underground, including the passing point midway. Another interesting point is that it is driverless – no staff are onboard. At the head of the funicular, you emerge into a park overlooking Barcelona. Adjacent to the funicular railway station, there is a separate cable car which takes visitors further up into the park. I took the round trip option for this (there is also a cheaper one way fare available).

Para-lel Station - funicular railway
Para-lel Station – funicular railway
Montjuic funicular station
Montjuic funicular station

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