Interesting Irish Rail court case reports on a case taken against Irish Rail for false imprisonment, which Irish Rail lost. The relevance of this case to industrial heritage is that the judgment appears to open the door to the taking of photographs at railway stations on the basis that they are a “public place”.


“He said a law stopping the taking of photographs in public places would engender more problems than it would cause and a prohibition by Irish Rail against photographs being taken in their stations would be a very bad rule if introduced and would give an impression of a cloak being drawn over fault.”

““I am of the view that a law restricting the use of photographs by disseminating them without consent of the subject for the purpose of causing harm or embarrassment would be a far better and more workable rule than one which barred the taking of photographs in a public place,” Judge Comerford said.”

I have saved a copy of this report onto my phone and will reference it anytime I happen to be taking photographs on either Irish Rail or the LUAS.

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