Killing the Ulster Canal by stealth

Given that the original canal was dead on arrival, you’d have thought it wouldn’t be that difficult to kill off the proposed “restoration” of the Ulster Canal, however, in the world of State funding, zombies thrive.

Having said that, the RoI Government do appear to be engaging in a clever switch and bait operation by supporting the development of a greenway along the towpath of the Ulster Canal, thereby delivering most of the benefits that were identified as coming from a “restoration” of the canal at a fraction of the cost.

That different sections can be developed without linking up initially is another advantage of a greenway over a canal, the latter having to be continuous in nature and thereby built in a pre determined order.

Northern Sound report that development of a second phase of greenway along the canal towpath was kicked off today.

Piss ups to be allowed in breweries

According to RTE, that is. Apparently breweries/distilleries undertaking guided tours have not been permitted to sell alcohol to visitors, unless they had a full pub licence.

Legislation wending its way through the Oireachtas will allow such establishments to sell alcohol to visitors, provided that they have undertaken a tour of the facility beforehand.

“The Cut” in Banbridge hit again

It is not just Irish Rail that has a problem with bridge strikes. “The Cut” in Banbridge has been hit by another lorry, the fourth in the space of a year, according to the BBC.

Whilst I accept that the intelligence levels necessary to drive a truck are not going to be MENSA level, there is a level of stupidity that should get you put off the road and not knowing the height of your vehicle comes under that heading.