Luggala Estate for sale

Of tangential interest to IH, given its original funding source, the Daily Telegraph reports on the historic Luggala Estate in Co. Wicklow being put up for sale by its owner Garech Browne – one of the many heirs to the Guinness fortune. If you have €28m to spare….

Barrow Way NIMBYs still objecting

The Irish Independent has reported on the ongoing NIMBYism in relation to Waterways Ireland’s sensible plan to lay a walkway along the Barrow Way to increase the numbers of people who can use the route. not only welcomes this plan but would like to see a change in planning law that required the long term creation of walkways on both sides of all significant waterways (natural and man-made) and also all former railway and canal alignments.

Coastal erosion to affect Dublin to Rosslare railway line

The Irish Independent has reported on an analysis of the effects of climate change on Ireland, which has predicted permanent damage to the Dublin to Rosslare railway line by 2030.

With the southern section of this line (from Gorey south) under threat anyway, would this be the peg on which the State will hang closure of the full line?