Hunger Strike Day 2

So far so good (apart from the psychological impact of being on hunger strike and realising that you live in a nation of people unable to think or realise that they have been bought and sold by the Establishment).

Similar intake to yesterday – hot water and black coffee with one glass of orange juice/tonic water and a Vitamin tablet.

I also got the opportunity to go out for a cycle – calorie burn without food intake.

Not feeling the hunger pangs I was yesterday, so that is a positive.


Hunger strike Day 1

First full day of my lockdown hunger strike. Saturday saw me finish off most of whatever leftovers I had in the house with Sunday doing likewise (by which stage I was down to a small portion of cooked ham – finished off around midday Sunday).

I weighed myself this morning at 105kg. Probably wont do this daily as with just a standard household scales, accuracy is not going to be a strong point.

Sustenance today consisted of black coffee (no sugar), cups of hot water, a glass of orange juice with tonic water and a Vitamin C tablet. I am experiencing a small amount of stomach cramps but nothing else so far.


Email sent to Minister for Transport Shane Ross

Dear Mr. Ross

I wish to object in the strongest possible terms at the forthcoming plans to exclude “essential” workers from 14 day quarantine upon return to Ireland due to the plandemic sweeping Ireland.

What is proposed does not make sense from a medical point of view – if you are assuring us that there is a deadly virus out there, allowing “essential” workers to return to work immediately enables any one of them to become the modern day equivalent of Typhoid Mary and spread the virus (TM Bill Gates) to those of us under involuntary house arrest.

On another level, as a “non-essential worker” WFH (getting paid far more than most “essential” workers and therefore also paying far more tax than most “essential” workers), what your plans for quarantine do is effectively restrict overseas holidays to “essential” workers. Given the constitutional requirement of the State to favour all equally or not at all and that the State cannot favour itself, by classifying all State workers as “essential”, the State has engaged in unconstitutional behaviour.

Separately, by classifying me (and thousands others) as “non-essential”, the State has reduced me to the status of a serf. Put under house arrest and forced to continue working to earn overseas income for the State, which will then reward its employees with foreign travel, leaving me with the joys of a weekend in Ballymagash (even Kim Jong Un allows those earning overseas income for the State to do so outside of the State). But this brings up another issue.

As the virus (TM Bill Gates) is circulating, rural Ireland has already indicated that Dubliners like me are not welcome. We must continue to WFH in our (self provided) prison cells to generate revenue to keep rural Ireland alive but are not permitted to move more than 5km from our self provided prisons. As I am not permitted to travel more than 5km from this point, why should I pay for social services outside of the 5km bubble and for how many years do you plan to keep me in this prison (spare me the bullshit reopening schedule – the Great Leader has already indicated that it is subject to the personal whims of NPHET with no time limit and WHO have recently advised that the virus (TM Bill Gates) will be around for a long time).

As a result of this continuing lockdown, imposing intolerable mental health issues on me as a single person living alone, I have commenced a liquids only hunger strike in protest. Death would be preferable to life under house arrest.


Trade union calls for metro to be scrapped

along with the pesky BusConnects proposal, both in Dublin.

Of course, what they haven’t stated is that as the Metro will be driverless and BusConnects is predicted to need 40% less drivers than present, these two projects would decimate their membership numbers and therefore, their revenue base.

Methinks it is time for a change in the law regarding trade unions, specifically, requiring a split into dedicated public sector unions* and dedicated private sector unions and never the twain shall meet. In addition, the concept of the State being required to favour all equally or not at all needs to be extended to the former – i.e. public sector unions would be required to be honest in their pronouncements to the effect that they were lobbying solely against reduced public sector number/trade union membership.

* Personally, I would favour banning all public sector trade unions, considering them to be part of the problem and not any part of a solution in a 21st century, 1st world constitutional republic. However, as a defender of the Constitution, I do understand and appreciate the right to associate (and dis-associate) freely. Whilst I am a former public servant (I was an Administrative Officer for 7 years), I did not join the relevant trade union during my employment.


Flattening the curve

or, in other words (that TPTB would prefer you didn’t say), killing the same number of people over a longer period of time and then some, due to increased domestic abuse, suicides, drug abuse and increased poverty from the economic collapse caused by the civil service decision to shut down the private sector economy whilst keeping their own salaries and pensions intact.

If this offends you, you need to go away and learn how to think.