We have a dissenter!

But he is not in Ireland, before the mob forms.

The Guardian reports that a former Supreme Court judge in the UK has criticised the actions of Derbyshire police in using drones to enforce social distancing and has also gone so far as to describe placing the nation under effective house arrest as hysteria, stating:

“Yes, this is serious, and, yes, it’s understandable that people cry out to the government, but the real question is, is this serious enough to warrant putting most of our population into house imprisonment, wrecking our economy for an indefinite period, destroying businesses that honest and hardworking people have taken years to build up, saddling future generations with debt?”


The horizontal elevator

No, I haven’t lost it, nor has Willy Wonka materialised in real life (although given the strange environment we are in currently, all bets are off!).

If, at some point in the future, our overlords deign to allow us out of our prisons, sorry, houses, and to travel overseas again, there is, in Genoa, Italy, an innovative combination of railway and lift in use for passengers, details of which can be found here.

The concept is not exactly rocket science – mine shafts would have used a similar concept to load coal/ore in railway wagons into a lift with rails therein, hoisted them to surface and run the wagons off onto another railway.


Youghal lighthouse keeper’s cottage

The Irish Examiner has an article on the restoration of a lighthouse keepers cottage adjacent to the lighthouse at Youghal, Co. Cork.


Guinness Roll of Honour

The Western Front Association are holding an event in the Dublin City library on Pearse Street, Dublin 2, on 4th April 2020 from 14:00 – 17:00.

The presentation looks at a number of Guinness employees who served in WW1, returning to employment in Guinness after the war. Further details can be found here.