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Naomh Éanna, Grand Canal Docks

Here in Ireland, we tend to delay taking action until it is too late and also to tolerate those engaging in inappropriate behaviour. In the case of the Naomh Éanna, we have both.

The Naomh Éanna is a former Aran Islands ferry, which has been sitting in a dry dock in Grand Canal Docks in Dublin for years, with various promises to restore it, none of which have materialised.

Per RTE, the boat has now listed in the dock and the most appropriate solution now is to remove the boat and scrap it. However, no-one wants to bell the cat.

It is not helped that the land on which the dry docks (there are multiple dry docks) sit is tied up in NAMA and neither Waterways Ireland nor NAMA appear to want to take action in this regard.

It does beg one question – is the owner(s) of the vessel paying for the occupation of the dry dock and if not, why not?

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