Rope ferry in China

The Guardian has an interesting article about a rope operated ferry capable of taking one car at a time across the Chaobai River in Hebei province in China.

There was a similar ferry in operation at Bannfoot in Co. Armagh, near the south western shore of Lough Neagh, up until  1979. The Belfast Telegraph has a brief article about the latter and McCutcheon’s Industrial Archaeology of Northern Ireland has a photo of the Bannfoot ferry in operation.

UPDATE – H/T to Brian Goggin of for sending me a link to a 3 minute video clip of the Bannfoot ferry in operation.


Grand Canal, Rialto

The original mainline of the Grand Canal ran to Grand Canal Harbour, near the Guiness Brewery, in Dublin. What is nowadays the canal from Suir Road to the River Liffey at Grand Canal Dock was an afterthought. Since 2004, most of the bed of the former mainline from Suir Road eastwards has been occupied by the Red LUAS Line.

Adjacent to the bridge over the LUAS (canalbed) at Rialto, recent cutting back of adjacent overgrowth has revealed these two sets of steps from what would have been the towpath down to canal level.

Steps to canal at Rialto
Steps to canal at Rialto
Steps to canal at Rialto
Steps to canal at Rialto

Dismantling the Gasometer – Sir John Rogerson’s Quay

H/T to the Dublin Dockers Facebook page for this link to the RTE archive, with an extract from a 1994 programme (in Irish) about the dismantling of the gasometer on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay in Dublin. The clip also contains scenes from the adjacent gas works and the former gasometers on South Lotts Road (now the Gasworks apartment complex).

The clip may be subject to territorial viewing restrictions.