History Locations


I came upon an entry in the NIAH database for 10 Euston Street, Greenore, which included the following statement:

” Built for the workers of the Great Northern Railway, which was completed in 1873″.

As the site includes an option to email suggested amendments, I did so, pointing out that the houses were built for the Dundalk Newry and Greenore Railway. I received the following response:

” Our records suggest that the workers’ houses on the east side of Euston Street were completed in 1872, which, strictly speaking, means that they were built by the Dundalk and Greenore Railway (D&GR) Company.  The company was renamed a year later to include Newry in the title. “

Point taken and in fairness to the NIAH, they have advised that they will be amending the record in due course to remove reference to the Great Northern Railway.