The Round House, Lanesborough

Nothing to do with railways (there were very few round houses in Ireland – I have only identified 6 in the history of railways in Ireland) but a house built by Bord na Mona in its housing complex in Lanesborough, Co. Roscommon.

The house has been on the market since 2018 (it would appear to be an executor sale as I also found a death notice from 2018 stating that the deceased was “formerly of The Round House, Lanesboro”) and was on the market then at €117k.

I became aware of the property’s IH connection last year (in fact, if it wasn’t for COVID and the inability to travel, I may have put in an offer) when it was advertised as for sale at €120k. In the last few weeks, the asking price has now increased to €125k.

Normally, if a property hasn’t sold in 3 years, it is because the price is too high, in which case, the thing to do is reduce the price, not increase it.