Arva Road Station

I was processing the photos I took last weekend and when doing those of Arva Road, I reckoned something was wrong and it was this photo that caused me concern:

Arva Road Goods area
Arva Road, Co. Cavan. Copyright Ewan Duffy 2021

My narrative of the station is that there was a single platform at the station on the Up side (right hand side). Clearly this photo shows two platforms. In addition, the station building, the roof of which can be seen left of centre, doesn’t really fit with the station building being on the right (it is clearly on the left).

Nowadays with the OS 25 inch maps online and available to view from the comfort of your home and without gatekeepers (it is unlikely I would have been able to produce the Gazetteer 15 years ago as the online resources did not exist), I was able to go back to to check out what the story was.

The image above is of the goods area at Arva Road, which was on the Up (right hand) side before the station. The single platform was beyond this (in the photo above, it would have been to the left of the station building).

Absent this map information, I would have assumed that Arva Road was a standard 2 platform station, as this is what it looks like on the ground.

There was also a goods store here, which would have been on the loading bank on the right. It has obviously been demolished.

IH News 2021 Site Updates

Pelletstown Station, Dublin

One likes to keep an eye on Irish Rail and noticed that they have tweeted that Pelletstown Station is to open on Sunday 26th September 2021.

I have updated the gazetteer to reflect this (12 days early) and there follows a link to Pelletstown Station.

Site Updates

Update to the Gazetteer

In advance of a journey to Cavan/Leitrim on Saturday*, I was checking my list of railway stations that I don’t have a photo for and found that I had missed including Redhills Station entirely.

A page for this has now been created and the map updated to reflect this.

* In normal circumstances, I would be attending the IHAI AGM, however, as someone who will not take the current “vaccination” unless the State decides to hold me down and forcibly inject same into me, I have been barred from attending the AGM by the IHAI Council. I just hope that the rumours about ADE are untrue.

IH News 2021

Burtonport Railway Walk report that Donegal County Council have tarred a 2km section of the railway walk from Burtonport to Meenbannad, greatly improving this amenity.


Drogheda Traincare Depot

I was out and about today taking photographs for the Gazetteer (small number of short lived stations sites on the line between Howth and Drogheda via Howth Junction).

I finished up in Drogheda, taking a photograph of the approach to the original D&DR station in Drogheda, which was to the east of the present station and the site of which is now occupied by the Drogheda Traincare Depot.

View Larger Map

Looking at the photos I took and at the track layout on, there is effectively only one access point to the depot (technically there are two but they are side by side). This is not best engineering practice as if a train were to fail along the section of track covering the two access points, the depot (and potentially all trains therein) are stranded in the depot.

This is not an unrealistic prospect as this did happen in the Traincare Depot in Portlaoise.