Cáca Milis

Cáca Milis is an Irish language short film which, I have been reliably informed, was imposed onto Irish teenagers as part of the Leaving Cert Irish syllabus sometime after its production.*

It is available on Youtube – the plotline is quite disturbing and can be read here.

The relevance to this website is that almost the entire film takes place on a train in Ireland. Whilst searching online for this film, I found a website – the British Railway Movie Database – which notes movies which feature British and Irish railway stations.

Their page for Cáca Milis included some screenshots of the stations featured, but noted that they did not have information as to where the stations were.

I was able to identify the unidentified locations and this information has now been updated by the site owner, with acknowledgement of my contribution.

* I am sorry to have to show my age by noting that I did my Leaving Cert before this film was produced and therefore missed having it imposed onto me.