The Cong Canal

This post has nothing to add about this venture, an excellent synopsis of which was written by the late Brian J Goggin on

I was reminded of this just now when looking for information on the navigation planned for Ballinrobe, Co. Mayo – the reason for this being background work I am doing in updating the Gazetteer map to include primary rivers and lakes.

This will allow me to move into the second phase of the Gazetteer – including canals/river navigations therein. These will take the same format as the railway gazetteer (a map with links to pages for specific features and a photo gallery). However, I am planning to also create separate webpages for each canal/navigation.

This will, in no way, attempt to usurp what Brian has done (very few people, least of all me, would be fit to walk in Brian’s footsteps) but will showcase these features in a different way.