Greenore Architectural Print Exhibition

Greenore, Co. Louth, is something of an architectural anomaly in Ireland. If you have never visited the town, I’d suggest you do. Not only because it is the only discrete railway town in Ireland,* but because the architecture is straight out of northern England.

The reason for this is that the town was built as a company town by the Dundalk Newry & Greenore Railway (DN&GR) which was financed by the London & North Western Railway.

In recognition of this architectural heritage, there is currently an exhibition in the town which celebrates this.

The exhibition is in the Assembly Rooms on the first floor of the former Greenore Co-operative Society Building on Euston Street, Greenore and runs until 20th August 2023.

* Whilst there are concentrations of railway company provided housing in Ireland, including at Rosslare, Co. Wexford (co-incidentally, previously known as Greenore) and Inchicore in Dublin, both areas have expanded beyond the original development and can no longer be architecturally identified as a discrete development.