IH News 2022

Dublin Port Sea Wall

RTE reports on the discovery of a section of the original sea wall constructed as part of the early development of a port at Dublin, which is believed to date back to the 1720s.

This is located under a former electricity substation at the port, which is undergoing conservation works currently.

History IH News 2022

Bog ore blacksmith

They say you learn something new every day.

I was aware that historically in Ireland, copper was retrieved from bogs by burning it. I was unaware that iron ore can be similarly retrieved but the Irish Independent have an article about a blacksmith who uses Irish bog ore iron in his work.


Level crossings are dangerous

One of the few items where Irish Rail and I see eye to eye is the belief that level crossings are dangerous.

As an example (albeit overseas), this video (trigger warning – not for the sensitive) on shows a police car being hit by a train in the USA.

Colorado’s finest police officers had parked their car on the crossing during a traffic stop, in the dark and had placed a suspect in the car before it was hit by a train.

History Overseas

Treadmill crane

Not for the first time, I link to a YouTube video by Tom Scott – in this case, he is demonstrating the use of a replica treadmill crane, which is believed to have been in use in Continental Europe in the early part of the 2nd millennium.

IH News 2022

Connemara railway project

Youtube recommended this video to me, which is footage (both on the ground and by drone) of progress on the Connemara Railway Project at Maam Cross station, Co. Galway.

IH News 2022

Whitegate pier cafe reports on the adaptive re-use of an old pier in Whitegate, Co. Cork, as the foundations for a new purpose built cafe, the selling feature of same being that it will have sea views on three sides.

I’m not sure now is the time to be investing in cafes, with a major downturn in the economy on the way, however, I wish those behind this venture the best with their project.

Site Updates

Lagan Navigation

Last weekend was due to have been Heritage Open Days in Northern Ireland and I had booked to attend an event in Belfast as part of this.

As I also had a few stations on the Larne Line that I had not visited and photographed, I booked a B&B near Ballycarry with a view to using the excellent NIR Day Tracker (only available on Sundays) which allows all NIR network travel for the full day for £8.

Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to an outporing of emotion over the passing of a person who, in a 1st world 21st century society, should not have the importance attached to her that she had.

As I had already booked my accommodation and train travel (up on Saturday and back on Sunday) I quickly drew up an alternative plan for Saturday, which took shape in the form of walking the Lagan Navigation from Lisburn back towards Belfast.

For various reasons, I only got from the point where the navigation disappeared under the M1 motorway back to Lambeg, however, I will be returning this weekend to walk from Lambeg back to Belfast.

In advance of posting the photos taken online, I have created a map of the Lagan Navigation (1st draft only) and this is online.

IH News 2022

If you have deep pockets

there is a ruined windmill for auction in Kinvara, Co. Galway. The auctioneer has described it as a tide mill, however, the OS 25″ map records a windmill on the site and the conical nature of the building would suggest a windmill.

What is more interesting is on the other side of the inlet, the 25″ map marks a “sluice” into an empty field and sure enough, Google Streetview shows this (not part of the property for sale):

The auction takes place on 16th September 2022.


The County Donegal Remembered

CDRRL are holding the above titled talk in the Central Library, Derry, on 15th September 2022 at 18:30. The talk is open to all and is free.


Mail van robbery 1977

RTE have an interesting video clip about a 1977 robbery of mail vans in Sligo whilst leaving Sligo train station. One of the vans was crashed into a mine adit in Arigna and the contents searched for valuables outside the mine.