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Lagan Navigation

Last weekend was due to have been Heritage Open Days in Northern Ireland and I had booked to attend an event in Belfast as part of this.

As I also had a few stations on the Larne Line that I had not visited and photographed, I booked a B&B near Ballycarry with a view to using the excellent NIR Day Tracker (only available on Sundays) which allows all NIR network travel for the full day for £8.

Unfortunately, the event was cancelled due to an outporing of emotion over the passing of a person who, in a 1st world 21st century society, should not have the importance attached to her that she had.

As I had already booked my accommodation and train travel (up on Saturday and back on Sunday) I quickly drew up an alternative plan for Saturday, which took shape in the form of walking the Lagan Navigation from Lisburn back towards Belfast.

For various reasons, I only got from the point where the navigation disappeared under the M1 motorway back to Lambeg, however, I will be returning this weekend to walk from Lambeg back to Belfast.

In advance of posting the photos taken online, I have created a map of the Lagan Navigation (1st draft only) and this is online.