Disused Stations website

My attention was brought to the website – not having a specific interest in the railways of Britain, I didn’t reckon that there would anything of interest thereon but I always wondered how you would go about doing something similar to my Gazetteer for Britain (the concentration of railways was greater than Ireland and the larger landmass results in a massive number of current and former railway stations). The site has a small number of Irish stations (both NI and RoI) but nothing compared to my own Gazetteer.

One I did note was Foynes – what drew my attention to it was the un-permissioned use of one of my photos on their site. Given the paucity of Irish stations on their site, I don’t see the point in following up on this – however, I do have issues with my intellectual property being used elsewhere without my consent.

The majority of photos on this site are taken by me. For the small number of exceptions (Castlecaldwell being the standout as well as some of the photos of Castleconnell and other stations in that area being taken by the late Brian J Goggin), these photos are reused here with the express consent of the takers/owners of said photos.