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Design proposal for Docklands mill building

I don’t know is this is a planning application or just an architectural proposal looking for a home, but I link to this proposal for a vertical extension to one of the historic mill buildings fronting onto Grand Canal Dock in Dublin.

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For the brave (or foolhardy)

Another railway cottage up for sale – however, it is a complete renovation job and comes with the caveat that electricity, water and septic tank are “on site” which doesn’t mean that they are connected.


The damn dams

The BBC have an interesting article about “how dams have reshaped our planet“.

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Brian J Goggin RIP

It is with great upset that I post to record the passing of one of Ireland’s greats in the area of industrial heritage research – Brian J Goggin, who has passed away due to cancer.

I first encountered Brian in his role as editor of the IWAI magazine, in which capacity, I had sent a photo to him for consideration for publication. This was of frogs swimming in frogspawn on the Royal Canal (reproduced below). I am happy to state that Brian published it.

Frogs in spawn, Royal Canal, Longford.
Frogs in Spawn, Royal Canal, Longford, 17 March 2004. Copyright Ewan Duffy

As time went by and the prospect of the Ulster Canal being “restored” reared its ugly head, I became what I thought was a lone voice in the wilderness in opposing such restoration. It was to my great (and pleasant surprise) that I found a bedfellow in opposing this waste of taxpayers’ money in Brian – a former President of the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland (and boat owner) no less!

Initially, I was unaware of Brian’s views about the Ulster Canal and, upon seeing him at the back of an IHAI AGM for the first time, I ignored him, thinking that he had been brought on board to bolster the IHAI stance of tacitly supporting restoration of the Ulster Canal.

Brian, being of a gregarious nature, unlike me, approached me at, I believe, the IHAI AGM in Belmont Mill in 2009 to compliment me on my website (an earlier version of this one) and from there, a friendship was formed. Over the years, Brian and I have exchanged emails back and forth about waterways and IH matters with many snippets of information passing between us (although, if I am to be honest, it was more information from Brian to me than vice versa).

Included in this collaboration was Brian generously offering me the chance to include my research into the bridges of the Royal Canal between the sea lock and Phibsborough in Dublin in a book that he was working on. This was subsequently published by the Railway and Canal Historical Society in 2014 as “The Royal Under the Railway: Ireland’s Royal Canal 1830 – 1899” – an 8 chapter work documenting previously unpublished historical matters about the Royal Canal (Chapter 7 was my contribution).

Like myself, Brian has maintained a website ( on which he has published his research (into the inland waterways and navigations of Ireland), the maintenance of which I hope can be secured and the information thereon – if not the site itself – transferred to another host, in order that it can be preserved for future use by others.

Ireland has lost the most significant researcher into the history of its inland waterways and navigations and I wish to extend my deepest condolences to his wife Anne and their children on their loss.

Ewan Duffy

IH News 2020 Locations

Another CIE sale

CIE must be getting out of house owning – another house is up for auction on their behalf.

This house on Blythe Avenue in Dublin’s East Wall is a bit of a challenge as it appears to be fire damaged, something that accounts for the low AMV of €135k.

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Bishopswood Crossing Cottage for sale

For once, a railway property that I might have been interested in has come for sale, but as it is an auction (a method of selling I refuse to partake in) I won’t be getting involved.

The former level crossing cottage at Bishopswood on the Dublin – Cork railway is going up for auction at the end of the month with an AMV of €62k.

Note to CIE (who I know monitor this site) – if you don’t manage to sell at auction, get in touch. I’d be a cash buyer at that price.


Trade union calls for metro to be scrapped

along with the pesky BusConnects proposal, both in Dublin.

Of course, what they haven’t stated is that as the Metro will be driverless and BusConnects is predicted to need 40% less drivers than present, these two projects would decimate their membership numbers and therefore, their revenue base.

Methinks it is time for a change in the law regarding trade unions, specifically, requiring a split into dedicated public sector unions* and dedicated private sector unions and never the twain shall meet. In addition, the concept of the State being required to favour all equally or not at all needs to be extended to the former – i.e. public sector unions would be required to be honest in their pronouncements to the effect that they were lobbying solely against reduced public sector number/trade union membership.

* Personally, I would favour banning all public sector trade unions, considering them to be part of the problem and not any part of a solution in a 21st century, 1st world constitutional republic. However, as a defender of the Constitution, I do understand and appreciate the right to associate (and dis-associate) freely. Whilst I am a former public servant (I was an Administrative Officer for 7 years), I did not join the relevant trade union during my employment.


Flattening the curve

or, in other words (that TPTB would prefer you didn’t say), killing the same number of people over a longer period of time and then some, due to increased domestic abuse, suicides, drug abuse and increased poverty from the economic collapse caused by the civil service decision to shut down the private sector economy whilst keeping their own salaries and pensions intact.

If this offends you, you need to go away and learn how to think.


The canal as a parking lot

H/T to my brother for bringing to my attention the existence online of the Irish Travel journal – a series produced in the early years of the Free State.

One such snippet that is relevant to this site is the use of the filled in Broadstone branch of the Royal Canal as a designated car parking lot during the Eucharist Congress held in 1932.

The journals can be downloaded at The information in question is in the June 1932 edition.

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Bellurgan Station for sale

Located on the Carlingford peninusla in Co. Louth, the station at Bellurgan was last used as such in 1951 when the Dundalk, Newry & Greenore Railway closed. The former station building is for sale at a price of €230,000.

With COVID19 restrictions leading to reduced economic activity and the possibility of a hard Brexit still present (Bellurgan is border territory), I think this is overpriced.